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Celebrities You Don't Expect to See on The Cover of Playboy

Hugh Hefner once said that the publishing house of the men's magazine was the greatest chance to realize his teenage dream. If other men were more self-confident, then it would be fewer those who make a fuss, desperately babble some trifles and send messages with many mistakes to girls on the site https://j4l.com/women.love. After all, you just need to love the girl instead of dwelling on some nonsense.

Celebrities You Don't Expect to See on The Cover of Playboy

The legendary Playboy appeared in 1953. It became one of the leading magazines when more than 7 million copies were sold in November 1972. Men were able to see the sexiest women in the world on its cover. A photo shoot for Playboy guaranteed tremendous popularity and opened up great prospects in a career for every cover girl. Nowadays, the life of those who once posed for the whole world looks a bit different.

Sharon Stone

When Sharon Stone published a record of her samples to the famous Basic Instinct of 1992, she once again blew up the Internet. Today, it's difficult to imagine that such an intelligent beauty was once on the cover of Playboy. She appeared on the pages of this magazine unexpectedly for everyone.

Naomi Campbell

A British supermodel of African-Jamaican origin, being at the peak of her career, decided to show off herself. She made her debut on the cover of Playboy in 1999. That year she just signed a cosmetic contract with Cosmopolitan Cosmetics and presented her scents to the public. However, Playboy was not the only erotic shooting of Naomi, she was shot naked for many publications. Today, Campbell is still able to give a head start to even the younger models. Naomi continues to appear on the covers of magazines because she looks almost the same as 20 years ago.

Cindy Crawford

Many perceive Cindy Crawford as one of the most beautiful women in the US. Just imagine what happened to the male part of the American population when she decided to get naked for Playboy in July 1988. Crawford got the fifth place on the list of the sexiest Playboy stars of the 20th century. Over the years, Cindy continues to attract the interest of the public.

Kim Kardashian

Her family got popularity, mainly thanks to the TV reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which appeared on E! TV channel in autumn 2007. In addition to participating in the family reality show, Kim also participated in other television projects. The December issue of Playboy magazine added fuel to her fame. Some people believe that Kim Kardashian is one of the boldest celebs on the globe, she stands out over other stars and gets people hyped up.

Mariah Carey

Everyone can find almost all the answers to their questions in her songs. Even men do not stop humming them. Mariah has an incredible voice, and Playboy couldn't but offer her to appear on the cover of the March issue in 2007. Nonetheless, she was not completely naked because she was afraid to harm her future career as well as her private life. Besides, she didn't want to give something new to gossip about. Mariah is among the top 10 sexiest women of the 90s.

Marilyn Monroe

In December 1953, Marilyn Monroe became Playboy playmate, appearing on the cover of the well-known magazine. Women have copied her style, every celeb who has blond hair and curvy body tried at least once to be like her, but Monroe was unique and just amazing. Only two issues of Playboy were completely sold out in the history, the first one was with Marilyn, and the second one was only in 40 years. She set the tone for a society in terms of the fashion trends because she was one of the brightest celebs on the globe.

Celebrities You Don't Expect to See on The Cover of Playboy

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