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Getting naked with teen celebrity Selena Gomez!

At just 25 years of age the former Nickelodeon teen celeb Selena Gomez turned in to one hell of a sexy beauty queen as she follows the trend of almost all other former child stars and grows up to be a wild one by exposing more celebrity skin by the day, hooray! That rhymes...

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Let's start out a bit innocent, yet quite hot photoshoot of our sweet teen star Selena Gomez posing in a totally sexy outfit (and reveals a big parts of her nice boobies).

Look at Selena being a naughty girl by wearing such a faptastic and totally horny see-through outfit. What a fine tight, titties and nipples revealing outfit... I'm loving it.

Selena Gomez nude in bath (our personal favorite)

Do we even need to explain why this is our favorite Selena Gomez nude pic?

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