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Most popular naked celebrities of 2016! The big list!

Everybody loves statistics! So do we... Ever wonder which Hollywood babe got the most views of last year? Which celebrity got the most cocks stand right up in 2016?
Who would it be? Let's find it in our latest blog. And yes, a winner will be crowned and the outcome will suprise everyone!

And the nominees are...

Quite a few. Let's just highlight a few of the hot celebrity babes from the list. The first pick (which I would expect to be the big number one) is the sexy Emma Watson (known for her Harry Potter fame). Emma turns out to be a quite popular celebrity when it comes to nude selfshots and naughty leaked photos. She's on this top 50 list an impressive amount of 11 times!
Another one of my picks for a number one spot would be the lovely teen star Selena Gomez. Surprisingly she just made the list only 4 times. Some other names that appear several times on the list are: Scarlett Johansson (2 times), Kristin Stewart (2 times), good girl gone bad 'Miley Cyrus' (3 times) and the always hot looking actress Jennifer Lawrence (4 times). Some loners on the list are Laura Cohan (The Walking Dead), Ariel Winters, Daisey Ridley, Nikki Bella, busty Katy Perry and more.

Time for take off! Let's find out who was the hottest, sexiest, most popular nude celeb of last year... *drum roll*

The top 50 list of most popular and most viewed buck naked superstars of 2016 (from most popular to least popular):

And the winner is...

Camren Bicondova? What a suprise! I seriously had no clue who that is, (our website is user submitted) so I googled her.... Turns out you naughty folks like 'em young nowadays. What happened to good old Selena and Emma? Guess there is a new queen in town! Her name is Camren Bicondova!

See y'all next year!

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