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Top 10: Former Disney teen celebs stripping naked

It seems to be a trend in Hollywood and showbusiness for former Disney or teen TV stars to go wild (and often naked) once turned 18! From singer Britney Spears shaving her head and spotted buck naked at the beach resort, iCarly babe Miranda Cosgrove masturbating to the infamous get wild, be crazy, do drugs, drink beer and flash your titties as much as you can- attitude era of Miley Cyrus.

Embrace yourself for the girls gone wild, teen celebrity star edition in our latest top 10.

Top 10: Former Disney teen celebs stripping naked

Fair is fair, the title is a bit misleading since we won't just cover former Disney girls only. Our top 10 features all former teen celebrities such as Nickelodeon actresses included. Oh well, let's get started with our sexy countdown. At number 10....

10 - Jennette McCurdy
We've recently wrote a blog about the two Nickelodeon teen stars in a (teen star gone nude) face-off between Miss McCurdy and Miranda Cosgrove. Both grown from teen child stars in the Nickelodeon TV show iCarly to being a darn sexy lady, and lucky for us... both iCarly girls got caught naked on camera, woohoo! Click on the photo to view all Jennette McCurdy photos...

9 - Christina Aguilera

8 - Vanessa Hudgens
Disney's High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is our pick at spot number eight. Why? Besides being a total sexy cutie, the recent leaked private candids of Vanessa showed and exposed her kinky side. A side we love to see more often don't we?

Rawwwrrrrrrr, look at that topless kitty cat and fapalicious small cute nude titties!
Bonus note: a leaked homemade private sex video of teen star Vanessa Hudgens is on dirtyteencelebrities.com. Enjoy!

7 - Miranda Cosgrove
Just like our number 10 pick, Miranda Cosgrove starred in the Nickelodeon TV hit iCarly. And just like Jennette Mccurdy she got naked as well. However, Miranda went once step beyond Miss McCurdy as she can be seen masturbating and playing with her favorite sex toys. You naughty gal! ;-)

6 - Britney Spears
She's not a girl, not yet a woman. Well, atleast back in 2001. The once super popular young (but sexy) Britney Spears, conquered the World by releasing hit song after hit song. Starting out quite innocent (at Disney's Mickey Mouse club) but later her songs and clips got more X-rated (similar to Christina Aguilera who also started out at Disney and released her hit CD's during the same time). From being not yet a girl, not yet a woman... to being a slave. That's our Britney! Guess they sure know how to turn little girls in to total freakin' sexbombs at the Disney company. Well, thank you Mickey f'n Mouse!

Britney Spears dancing sexy in the clip of I'm A slave 4 U.

Britney Spears leaked blowjob video with her ex boyfriend... Click the image to watch!

More Britney Spears nudity? Click here to view all Britney Spears blog posts on our website.

5 - Amanda Bynes
Nickelodeon star turned bad! Amanda was quite the hit in her younger years, hosting her own shows at Nickelodeon. Like most former teen or child stars, they slowly grow from good girls to bad girls (and for some reason like to show it off as much to the outside world as possible).
Amanda Bynes got infamous mostly for sharing these not so classy half naked selfies on Instagram.

Infamous bathroom Instagram selfshots by Amanda Bynes...

Amanda Bynes had a little nipple slip (celebrity nip slip) in public and all we can say is... 'NICE'! What a nice pair of hooters she has.

Dirty Teen Celebrities!

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Countdown to the hottest nude teen stars!

Back on point! Let's see who's our number four pick... 4 - Lindsay Lohan
It's meeeeee.... Lindsay Lohaaaaaan!

Does she even need an introduction? When she started doing drugs, she also started to get more naked... And quite often. Can we complain? Nah! She's blonde, she's busty and she loves to show her naughty side. A well deserved fourth spot for Miss Lohan.
From see through clothing to topless sunbathing candids, wet naked body and boobs in the shower and Playboy pictures... We've got 'em all! Enjoy our free nude collection of Lindsay Lohan (click on the photos to view all pictures).

3 - Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne turned 'former Disney child star turned bad' to the next level as she posts (almost) fully nude candids of herself on Instagram and Twitter almost on weekly base. She loves to show off her celebrity skin and mostly boobies and loves the attention she gets from wearing ultra slutty clothing. Thank you for that, Bella! :-)

One of those naughty selfies by Bella Thorne. We are hosting almost 100 of them as they keep on cumming... Click on the photo to view all!

2 - Selena Gomez & Emma Watson
We couldn't make a decision between Selena and Emma. Maybe it's because there is simply too much blood floating down from the brain to somewhere between the legs... I don't know. But what I do know is: Both Emma Watson and Selena Gomez are one of the hottest and sexiest teen celebs on this planet! Selena Gomez turned out to become one hell of a freaking sexy bombshell brunette!

Just like Selena Gomez, Emma Watson started out as a child actress... Once she grew up, she got rid of her 'innocent Harry Potter teen star image' by slowly posing with a bit more nudity each time a new photo finds it's way online. Emma likes to take it step by step and keeps teasing us (each time showing off a bit more bare skin) and we'll respect. Hell, we even love it! Don't stop teasing us Emma! Feed us more! And maybe... just maybe... One day we'll get to enjoy the bare naked petite and tight body of Miss Watson in it's full glory. Emma Watson does a Marilyn Monroe on the streets... Full video: Emma Watson playing with her pussy while taking a bath. Celebs get horny too you know!

Video leaked (celebrity sex tape) starring Selena Gomez! Damn girl! Wanna have some sexting fun with me too?

The winner of the top 10 hottest teen stars getting wild and naked is...

None other then... Miley Cyrus!

We don't even have to explain why... Name it, she's done it all. The perfect example of good (famous) girl turned bad is Miley Cyrus. If you have missed out on all the celeb buzz around Miss Cyrus you must have been living under a rock or something 'cause Miley would do anything for a bit of attention (and it doesn't simply stop at flashing some pair of titties)... No! Miley Cyrus goes all in when she tries something! Lucky for us we can enjoy her sexy encounters and adventures as well since loves to share her naughty nightly fun times.

We've posted so many Miley Cyrus photos, galleries and video's over the year we don't even know where to start. I should say, click here to browse the full Miley Cyrus nude collection yourself. Fap on!

One of our personal favorite Miley Cyrus videos is the leaked blowjob sex tape (recorded at a hotel and leaked as part of the big celebrity Fappening hack). Click to watch the free XXX video.
Miley sure has skills when it comes down to jerking and giving head... Quite a horny wet blowjob that is!

That's it for today. We hope you've enjoyed our top 10 and see ya next time with more dirty celebrity gossip!

Top 10: Former Disney teen celebs stripping naked

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