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Top 10: WWE diva wardrobe malfunctions

Our top 10 of infamous wrestling wardrobe malfunctions starring the most sexy WWE diva's. Nipple slips, pussy slips, ass flashing and more. Time for some hardcore in ring action!

10: WWE diva Melina's ass rolling around the ring

Remember the WWE diva Melina? In case you forgot, we've got a sexy picture of her to refresh your memory.

Melina looking sexy as hell in this outfit...

But to get on point. Our number ten spot goes to Melina's sweet booty rolling around in the ring (picture below).

9: Asuka's nipslip in the WWE ring

Every once and a while a wrestling diva's nipple pops out live on air. Asuka's nipslip is one of them.

Pop goes the nipple...

8: Charlotte Flair nipslip during a match

Oops... Another nipple slip during a WWE wrestling match. This time it's the blonde and famous daughter of Rick Flair as her nipple can be seen while in an armbar by Becky Lynch.

7: Michelle Mccool boobs fall out while running the ropes

Running the ropes looks easy, but it really isn't. Especially when your wearing a lose outfit. That's something the blonde WWE hottie Michelle Mccool found out herself personally.

6: Mickie James nipslip

Surprise, surprise! Another nipple slip accident during a live wrestling event. This time starring Mickie James.

5: Lita's boobs exposed during sex segment on Raw (starring Edge)

This top 10 wouldn't be complete without the infamous sex segment starring Edge and Lita on Monday Night Raw. This is something WWE sure wants you to forget. But we won't... Because damn, we've got to enjoy Lita's big juicy tits live on television.

It starts off really slow with Lita teasing us with her sexy moves and slow striptease...

Now this is what I call a main event... Lita's boobs are visible from under the sheets.

4: Stacey Keibler pussy flash accident

It was always a pleasure watching the petite and total blonde bombshell wave her ass as she slowly went inside the ring. That booty wiggle, damn, I miss those days. But this time things got even more heated. Stop! Pussy flashing time!

3: Rosa Mendes ass flash

Quite a wardrobe malfunction... WWE's show Main Event may be one of those forgotten b-shows, but not anymore after this faptastic ass flash accident starring the lovely beauty Rosa Mendes (and her hot naked butt).

2: Cute WWE diva Bayley nipple exposed

The cutest WWE diva on the roster, the hugger amongst huggers, here is the Bayley nipple slip. This deserves our number two pick simply because we haven't seen much nudity of this cute wrestling star before. We love to see her show off some more of her naughty side in the future. Someone please call Playboy and by the way Bayley... Can I get a hug?

1: Bella Twins wardrobe malfunctions

Two for the price of one in our number one spot. Both Total Divas stars had a nipslip accident (multiple times) in ring. So, enjoy these Bella Twins nipple slips!

And that's it for our top 10 WWE Diva wardrobe malfunctions. Looking for more? Well, check out all our WWE Divas nude pictures hosted here at Nude-and-famous.com. Starring pretty much all your beloved topless and nude wrestling babes, from Sunny to Lita, Trish Stratus, Paige and many many more.

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