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Most popular naked celebs of 2020! Top 50 celeb nudes of the year!

2020 has been quite a sexy year so far, in terms of celebrities exposing themselves by sharing nudes, leaked sex tapes or by posing topless for a photoshoot. But what if we simply look at the statistics? That way, we can find out exactly which famous girls are the most searched or in other words; most popular celebrities (this year).

Maybe we can even spot some trends? It's obvious that a few years ago, when the first batch of Fappening leaks we're happening, the top 50 of 2017 was filled with Fappening related nude photos and clips. Like most years, hot actresses like Selena Gomez and Emma Watson would be dominating the top 50 by claiming multiple spots. Seems like these former teen stars are the perfect wank material! Let's find out if this trend continues this year...

What are the trends in 2020 so far?

Good question, let's have a quick fap look, shall we?

Just like previous years, there are multiple wrestling diva's to be found in the top 50 most popular yearly nude celebs. I'm talking about bare nude WWE Diva's. At the time of writing (July), the number one spot is taken by the sexy blonde beauty and WWE diva Lana (having a nipple slip accident live on stream). WWE's Nikki Bella can currently be found on the third spot.

Any more trends we can spot already? Yes sir!

Blowjob leaks

We're already counting five blowjob sex tapes starring horny celebrities such as Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones star), Gal Gadot sucking dick on camera (actress), Lucinda Aragon's blowjob in the shower, Natalie Adyn on her knees giving head (actress from Gotham), as well as Elizabeth Olson's leaked BJ sex tape.

I wonder who's next to join in on the blowjob fun? Who knew Hollywood would be such a big fan of dick sucking action?

Former teen stars still popular in terms of fap-material?

Like we've just mentioned, during previous years, former teen actresses and stars like Selena Gomez and Emma Watson would dominate the top 50 rankings. Is this trend still going on? I guess not... We're only counting Emma Watson on this top 50 list once (nipple slip accident), and not a single entry starring the lovely Ms Gomez.

But then again, it's been a while since we've seen some brand new Selena Gomez nudes, right?

I'll guess we'll just have to wait and find out what spicy trends 2020 has yet in store for us... Currently, all the way at the bottom (at spot number 50) is Ariel Winter showing off her big sexy booty. But a lot can happen as 2020 still has six months to go!

The top 50 list of most popular and most viewed famous babes stripping nude, topless, having sex or flashing their boobies.

This year (2020) has been a wild and spicy year so far, but I'm pretty sure the best is yet to "cum". Time for some nude celebrity action! Are you ready to see the results? Who's going to win the award for the hottest nude celeb or the most searched sexy famous babe of 2020? ... *drum roll*

(from most most views to least views)

  • All nipple slips by hot celeb Emma Watson
    January 27, 2020
    Views: 46705

    Seems like the tits and nipples of Harry Potter star Emma Watson seem to have a will of their own (as they keep popping out her bikini and bra). Who's ready for our big collec...

  • WWE diva Lana nipple slip during livestream
    January 16, 2020
    Views: 46571

    Oops... Seems like another WWE diva had a little wardrobe malfunction live on stream. Just like the Nikki Bella incident, the hot blonde WWE star Lana (CJ Perry) got her nippl...

  • Gal Gadot sucking dick in blowjob sex tape
    February 15, 2020
    Views: 44497

    Now I know why they call Gal Gadot a wonder woman, just look at her amazing handjob and blowjob skills. This famous actress goes all in when it comes down to pleasuring a guy....

Final conclusion?

We'll be updating this final conclusion once the year 2020 has ended. In the upcoming six months a lot can change in these rankings (as this top 50 list gets updated live). To be continued...

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