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Famous babes posing in lingerie!

Isn't it amazing when the hottest celebs on the planet decide to show off how sexy they are by posing in lingerie? Seems like all the celeb babes that aren't ready to pose topless or fully nude yet, decide to pose in lingerie instead. Best thing is, our collection of celebrities wearing horny lingerie keeps getting bigger. The list includes young stars like Demi Lovato, Sabrina Carpenter, Ariana Grande but also totally hotties like Megan Fox, Jennifer Lawrence and even Emma Watson. Up for some sweet eye candy today? Time to check out our collection of celebrity lingerie photos!

Some highlights of our collection of famous chicks wearing lingerie? Sure, here we go...

Sandra Bullock showing off her great big phat nude ass while wearing lingerie!

Or what about Rihanna flaunting her skin while posing in this ultra sexy lingerie outfit?

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