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Bikini celeb selfies, topless tanning & famous selfshots during sex!

Thanks to the quick rise of social media we all get a little bit obsessed with ourself, right? Admit it, we all take a selfie once in a while. But have you ever taken a selfshot photo while masturbating or during sex? Do you like sexting with your partner? In Hollywood sending nudes or upload sexy seductive boob shots while tanning seems to be quite popular. We can only encourage that. We love celebrity meat!

Zoe Burgher taking a selfie of her juicy tight 'n famous butt... On the photo below we get to enjoy that ultra tight teen ass of Selena Gomez wearing a thong! Always wondered why girls take selfshot of their booty. Oh well, I can't complain...

While some famous sexy babes share these juicy selfmade smartphone photos with their fans by free will, in that case Instagram seems to be the perfect media website for that. Not forget about Twitter and Snapchat ofcourse. Mark Zuckenberg doesn't like titties nor beavers (even when shaved), content like that is 100% forbidden on Facebook. Other celebrities like to keep these sexting selfshots (made in a naughty and horny mood) privately. However, in a digital era like this, private cloud hosted naked or jugg-candids aren't safe at all. We all remember the big Fappening celebrity hack, right?

Amber Heard buck naked, showing off her celebrity meat completely undressed. These private photos got leaked during the first Fappening hackers batch... Ain't she hot?

Time for the action. Get ready for some delicious celebrity babes showing off skin, bikini cleavage and even better: full NUDE body shots from top till toe. One of the things that I like most about the summer (besides boobs and beer) is the fact that is the perfect time of the year for lots of fresh and new celebrity selfies (we don't need tanlines!). Enjoy our large collection of famous ladies flaunting their goodies on sexy and totally hot selfshot pics and videos.

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