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The sexy dark haired actress Shay Mitchell, famous for playing the role of Emily on the hit show 'Pretty Little Liars' can be seen naked multiple times thanks to the internet. And well, ofcourse you can find all her nudes here at nude-and-famous.com!

Shay Mitchell looking stunning in lingerie...

Shay Mitchell immediately caught our attention as soon as she starred on 'Pretty Little Liars', simply because of her natural beauty and hot petite body. I mean, just look at this 32 year Canadian beauty queen, what's not to like about her? Pure eye candy, in my humble opinion.

Luckily for us, just recently the beautiful brunette actress Shay Mitchell posed topless in see-through clothing and while she may not have big juggs, she sure looks hot as hell when topless. By the way, that isn't the only time we got to enjoy her small but sexy celebrity boobies. Guess what? Shay was also caught topless at the beach!

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