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The ultimate hot and nude booty celebrity compilation gallery

I like big butts and I cannot lie! Time for the ultimate big (nude) booty celebrities compilation here at Nude-and-famous.com! A compilation that certainly would make Billy Gunn proud. There hides a little assman in all of us.

A lot of guys are big on legs, other guys are big on angelic looking faces. Some guys like women with faces that make them look naughty and sexy, other guys are into women who have faces that make them look mysterious and even slightly dangerous. That's right, we're talking about slightly gothic chicks that get really freaky behind closed doors. Other guys are very big on titties.

celeb Nina Agdal naked sexy ass Not the biggest butt on the planet but still super fine! Nina Agdal flaunts her sexy ass in naked photoshoot...

Selena Gomez sexy ass Teen star Selena Gomez has some sweet meat as well.

Now, I think this is one point most guys can agree on. Whether you're a guy who's into very small titties or a guy who is very into big, watermelon-like cleavage, you both share the same fascination. You're still focused on that part of a woman's anatomy. There's no shame in that game. I mean, guys have been obsessed with chick's tits since time immemorial. If you need me to prove my point, you just look at some ancient sculptures of women from tens of thousands of years ago. What do they all have in common? That's right, ample cleavage. Guys have always been into tits. Well, this doesn't apply across the board because some guys are very big on asses. In fact, if you were to do a survey of dudes, ass obsession or ass worship is probably going to come in close second to titties, as far as objects of guys' attraction as far as the female anatomy is concerned. There's just something about a nice, curvy ass. Now, I'm not talking about extremely exaggerated booty that you can basically put your drink on and treat it like some sort of table, but when a woman has a nice, curved ass, it just really screams out all the classic ideas of what makes a woman sexy. Traditionally speaking, guys like women who are curvy. Guys like women who have nice hips. Guys like women that have nice curves all around. Usually, curvy women also have nice tits. To say that women with a nice ass deliver a complete package would be to state the obvious. Usually, if a woman is packing lots of curves, it means that she's awesome up there and down there. There's definitely a lot to hang on to while you're banging her doggy style or letting her ride you cowgirl style. The celebrities featured here at Nude-and-famous.com definitely deliver when it comes to the ass department. The four celebrities that I'm going to talk about below are definitely not slackers when it comes to packing some serious butt curvature. Our personal favorite picks are approved by Mr Ass himself a.k.a. Da man Billy Gunn!

Kim Kardashian big sexy booty

This celebrity butt queen has the power to make the internet explode!

No discussion of famous big booty celebrities is ever complete or is even valid without at least a passing mention of Kim Kardashian. Let's just get one thing out of the way, Kim Kardashian did not pioneer the celebrity niche of ass worship. There have been big booty celebrities before, but the thing about her is that she has so fundamentally changed the game as far as straight male obsession over the female ass that most guys can't even remember those former big booty goddesses of the silver screen or TV. Seriously. It's as if celebrity booty can be measured in terms of BK and AK. BK, of course, means Before Kardashian and AK means After Kardashian. That's just how profound of an effect her ass has had on the American imagination. I mean, she's had magazine cover layouts showing off her ass. And we're not just talking about any regular ass here. We're talking about ass that actually sticks out at you. It's as if it's demanding that you pay attention to it. It's like slapping your eyeballs and demanding to be heard. That's how insistent and confident her booty is. It just fucking sticks out at you and seems to have a personality of its own. Indeed, so intimidatingly hot is Kim Kardashian's booty that there's actually been a lot of talk among curiosity seekers as well as haters whether she's got work done on her ass. A lot of women are claiming that that kind of ass is simply unnatural. That's kind of overreacting because there are many women who have that ass. The problem is, mass media hasn't celebrated that kind of curvature for a long, long time. Kim Kardashian just brought ass back to the American discussion and, guess what? Most guys are happy that she did. And that's why she's one of the highest paid celebrities in all of Hollywood, and it's all due to her initial sex tape and, yes, her ass. The good news is that this website has quite a large amount of pictures showcasing Kim Kardashian's ample booty. Kim Kardashian hot big nude celebrity ass booty butt Kim Kardashian hot big nude celebrity ass booty butt
Pictures not enough?

Go and watch her sex tape her, and see Kim Kardashian swinging her sweet juicy big butt while getting banged on tape!

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Time for number two!

Big booty babe Nicki Minaj

Big, bigger, biggest...

Nicki Minaj made a big name for herself with the song Anaconda. In that song, she was basically paying homage to the original hiphop tribute to big booty women. I am, of course, talking about Sir Mix-a-lot's Baby Got Back. Nicki's song, Anaconda, took one snippet from that classic 80's track. It definitely made her name in American music and, if you've ever watched her videos, you are immediately made aware that her ass plays a big role in all the videos she makes. All photos of Nicki Minaj booty nude ass celebrity
This is why a lot of guys have fallen in love with Nicki Minaj's amazing ass. It just plays such a key role in all her music videos.
Nicki Minaj booty nude ass celebrity under boob tits of Nicki Minaj celebrity

Next up, number 3 on the list of hottest celebrity booties...

Tight small butts are hot too... The damn sweet ass of Tila Tequila buck naked!

Bigger isn't always better. For some guys Kim Kardashian's booty might be a bit TOO MUCH, if you know what I mean. So for those guys, you'll be loving this one!

Tila Tequila sexy ass booty nude celebrity If you're looking for an Asian twist to big booty celebrity porn, you can't go wrong with Tila Tequila. This Vietnamese firecracker may not be all that tall, but believe me, when she turns around, you can't help but stand up and pay attention. All Tila Tequila naked celebrity pictures Now, I'm not talking about you straightening up your posture. I'm talking about a certain part of your anatomy getting as stiff as a flag pole. That's the kind of effect Tila Tequila has on most straight guys. And believe me, the picture collection on this website featuring Tila Tequila definitely doesn't disappoint. If you're looking for nice booty pictures as well as footage, Nude-and-famous.com.com definitely has you covered.

A little ass pounding bonus! Tila Tequila does anal on camera!

That's right. Like any real lady should... Tila loves to get pleasured in all holes. And yes, there is some damn hot and horny footage of it. Beside taking it up the butt, this little anal queen also happends to be a squirter. HOWABOUTTHAT?

Is the wife away from home? Great! Lock the doors because this is your chance to watch the hottest celebrity sex tape ever. You don't wanna miss out on this one. Tila is a true sex godess! Save the best for last... After some chocking, rough sex & anal, Tila Tequila gets on her knees for the final shot. We all know what's cumming, right? Click on the images to watch the full sex tape! Tila Tequila blowjob cumshot cum in her mouth Tila Tequila blowjob anal cumshot celeb sex tape

The holy sexy ass of Emily Ratajkowski exposed!

Emily made a name for herself as part of the group of women that were featured topless in Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' video. As you probably already know, 'Blurred Lines' is quite an infamous record because a court has found it to be plagiarized. Apparently, the original songwriter, Pharell, lifted the melody from Marvin Gaye. Who knew? Legalities aside, the video of that song turned a lot of heads because it featured, in a very big way, Emily Ratajkowski. Thank us later because we've found the UNCENSORED version of the infamous music video:

She not only has a nice rack, but when she turns around, she's sure to make guys slobber. Ever since that video, Emily has had a massive male following from all over the world and, if you are a big Emily Ratajkowski fan, you are definitely in luck. This website has amazing booty pictures of the object of your affection.

emily ratajkowski hot white big ass full nude Emily Ratajkowski hot white big ass full nude!

Emily Ratajkowski posted a sweet photo online while swimming nudeEmily Ratajkowski posted a sweet photo online while swimming nude!

Don't miss out on one of our previous blog post on Emily Ratajkowski's hot, sexy and nude lingerie polaroid collection! emily ratajkowski polaroid photoshoot lingerie nude celeb

Be sure to check out more sexy Emily Ratajkowski nudes at nude-celebrity.pictures, the little sister websites of nude-and-famous.com.

Honorable buttastic mentions

The famous model Candice Swanepoel! Below you'll find a huge gallery of Miss Swanepoel her fantastic shaped booty. Do we need to say more? Candice Swanepoel naked hot ass collection gallery

The view of Kylie Jenner her big ass in a sexy swimsuit is quite a turn on as well.

Dutch actress Pip Pellens did a sexy photoshoot recently which shows she ass one hell of a delicious booty.

A few more babes that should be mentioned on any celebrity booty list: Jessica Biel, Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Khloe Kardashian (aka the famous little sister of Kim), the chubby teen star Ariel Winter just to name a few!

Make no mistake it, this website has gone out of its way to collect the very best booty shots of your famous big booty celebrities. Whether you're into extremely big booties or well rounded butts or even a nice little hump, this website is sure to have the celebrity that you are looking for.

The ultimate hot and nude booty celebrity compilation gallery

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