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iCarly girls naked face-off

When former kids-show girls grow up and turn out to be completely hot and sexy looking celebrities... Even better, when the same girls grow up to be sexy babes which aren't shying away from stripping topless or even fully naked!

iCarly naked face-off! Miranda Cosgrove vs Jennette McCurdy!

Remember the teen show iCarly? In case you don't, here's a small plot: Carly hosts her own home-grown web show, iCarly, Carly and sidekick Sam's regular Web casts ultimately feature everything from comedy sketches and talent contests to interviews, recipes, and problem-solving.

Amanda Cosgrove (now 25 years old) plays Carly and Jennet McCurdy (26 years) plays the role of her BFF. Now that their both all grown up, let's check out who became the hottest of the former iCarly girls!

Miranda Cosgrove posing sexy Miranda Cosgrove posing sexy First things first... Let's start out with 2 sexy clothed photo starring Miranda Cosgrove. Warning, more celebrity skin will be revealed (and reviewed) when we'll scroll down!

So? What about Miss Jennette McCurdy? Did she grow up to become a total blonde bombshell (at the age of 26)?
Jennette McCurdy sexy selfshot instagram Fapworthy Instagram photo by Jennette McCurdy. Look at that fine body and booty. She looks totally hot in undies!

Jennette McCurdy butt booty selfshot fappening leaked Jennette McCurdy butt booty selfshot fappening leaked More underwear selfshots of Miss McCurdy leaked as part of the Fappening hack.

Miranda Cosgrove just out of shower only wearing a towel iCarly teen star Miranda Cosgrove all wet and only wearing a towel (just out of the shower)...

One thing is for sure, former iCarly star Jennette McCurdy is all grown up now... Especially on the right places. Yeah, I'm talking about her busty sweet sized juggs and her great celeb booty. Wanna see how she looks in bikini? Here ya go!

Jennette McCurdy celebrity bikini boobs Jennette McCurdy celebrity bikini boobs Jennette McCurdy celebrity bikini boobs McCurdy looks pretty darn good with her busty pair of bikini titties (at the beach).

iCarly stars fully nude!

Hard to make up your mind right? Sure, Miss McCurdy might have grown a bigger pair of boobs and a hot and big booty, but we can't really pick a winner without seeing both Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy completely buck naked in all full glory. So girls, time to take off your clothes and show us your Eve costume!

celeb Miranda Cosgrove topless cute small tits Miranda Cosgrove topless while she's flaunting her great tight sweating horny nude body! Wow, she really scored some points with this picture, don't you agree?

Jennette McCurdy leaked nude fappening pics Wow! Check out this fappable leaked photo (thanks to the Fappening hack) in which we get to enjoy Jennette Mccurdy fully undressed! What a hot curvy body and fantastic horny big boobs... Jennette McCurdy leaked nude fappening pics Hell yeah! Even more sexy selfshots in underwear... But this time without a bra! Topless McCurdy!

celeb Miranda Cosgrove topless cute small tits

It was a close call! Jennette might have the big booty and titties, but the tight and petite and totally horny view of Miranda Cosgrove in a horny mood (all naked) while playing with her soaking wet teen celebrity pussy did the trick for me. It's official! The very first winner of the nude and famous iCarly nudity face-off is... Miranda Cosgrove!

Congratulations girls! And thanks for sharing all these sexy photos online.

iCarly girls naked face-off

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