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Most popular naked celebrities of 2017! Top 50 celeb nudes...

In last years edition of our top 50 most popular nude celebrities list (2016) it turned out the teen stars from Hollywood dominated the top 10 with celebs such as Camren Bicondova (first place), Emma Watson (second place) and Selena Gomez (third place). Will history repeat itself or are we going to see some more established Hollywood veterans in this brand new 2017 most popular (nude) celeb list? Only one way to find out...

But before we start our countdown, let's refresh our memory a bit by naming some of the sexy highlights of last year.

2017 was a wild, crazy and sexy year!

A lot can happen in a year and we're not going to name that all, (you just wanna scroll down to the top 50 probably...) but here are some of the highlights. The 50 shades of 2017. :-)

Fappening 2.0
Hell yeah, the biggest celebrity scandal of 2017 was the return of the Fappening. A whole new batch of celebrity nude private photos and kinky videos got leaked online. Remember the first Fappening iCloud hack with babes such as Jennifer Lawrence? Well, this edition (a.k.a The Fappening 2.0) involved a way larger list of celebs being exposed.

WWE Divas exposed buck naked on sex tapes
Though chicks like to get down and dirty as well. In 2017 a big list of wrestling babes got their private nude candids and selfshot sex videos leaked online. That list of WWE divas includes sexy babes such as Emma, Paige, Melyna, Kaithlyn, Maria, Victoria, Summer Rae and more. Our favorite? The sexy dark haired and fully nude WWE diva Paige! Why? Turns out she is quite a kinky lady and loves to shoot herself while masturbating (even up putting sex toys up her tight ass) or having sex. Yup, 2017 was the year of the naked wrestling babes.

Selena Gomez nude in bath... TWICE! Not once, but two times we got to enjoy Selena Gomez showing off her tight naked teen celebrity body and boobs while taking a bath. Talking about young Hollywood hotties... In 2017 we also got to enjoy a video of Emma Watson playing with her celeb pussy while sitting horny in a bathtub.

2017 was a good year indeed...

In this top 50 of 2017 all blog posts are counting (single nude photos, videos and blog posts). Are you ready?

... *drum roll*

The top 50 list of most popular and most viewed famous babes getting wild and naked!

(from most popular to least popular)

  • Emma Watson upskirt photos
    February 22, 2017
    Views: 22337

    Emma Watson Upskirt Photos! If you aren't in love with Emma Watson then I don't want to know you! The girl who played Hermione in Harry Potter blossomed into an extremely sexy...

What we've learned from this list...

Interesting list this year, right? As we can see teen celebs are still popular amongst our viewers, just like last year... However, there are some things worth mentioning about this 2017 edition list.

- The playmate Scarlett Byrne won the second spot on the list.
Quite interesting she's beaten so many other popular Hollywood babes.

- Bollywood takeover!
At number four you'll find our blog on naked Bollywood actresses. Bollywood is like the Indian version of Hollywood. Guess you guys love the exotic type ha?

- Emma Watson made it 9 times on this Top 50 list. At second place... Selena Gomez, which can be found 7 times on the list.

- Teen stars are by far most popular!

The winner of the top 50 nude celebs of 2017 is...

Emma freakin' Watson! She did it. Last year she got the second place (beaten by Camren Bicondova), but today she won the award of her life. A number one spot on the yearly top 50 nude celebrity list by nude-and-famous.com. Fuck the Oscars! Emma just won her lifetime achievement. Congratulations!

See y'all next year for the naked celebrity top 50 list of 2018! Can't wait...

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