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All Men Have a Refractory Period - How to Embrace It?

It's true that men require a bit of time between ejaculations, no matter how attractive the partner looks like and no matter how ''hard'' we as men would try or love to. However, this doesn't have to be a disappointing thing at all, Nassau Bahamas escorts goes to explain... All you have to do? Just embrace it!

Have you ever wished that you could orgasm or ''cum'' back-to-back all night long? If so, then you are certainly not alone, my friend.

Since the beginning of time, men have felt a little jaded about their inability to cum in quick succession. But it's really not such a bad thing at all.

Nassau Bahamas escorts are pros when it comes to knowing what women and men like and don't like. So, we've asked them to explain their thoughts on the dreaded refractory period, and how men all around the world can make the most of this non-optional biological phenomenon. But first, let's go over some anatomy basics.

What is a refractory period?

First, understanding what the refractory period is can help men realize that needing some time to recharge after sex is completely normal.

Many men have experienced a time in their sexual lives when their partner is up for round two of sex, but physically, it's impossible to keep an erection. When this happens, just remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.
It's not a dysfunction. It's simply a natural aspect of a man's body.

A refractory period is a certain amount of time, following ejaculation, where the body recharges. During this time, an erection is physically impossible to maintain and there will be a loss of in interest of sex.

How long does a man's refractory period last?

Each guy is different, and age does tend to play a pretty big role in how long the typical refractory period will last. The older a man is, the longer his body will take to recharge after cumming.

In younger men, age ranging from 18 to 30 years old, 15 to 20 minutes is often enough time to recharge that battery and get ''it'' hard again, and get right back at it. While for older men, 60 years and up, it might require a full 24 hours break between the sessions.

Is the refractory period a turn-off? Nassau Bahamas escorts share their thoughts

Nassau Bahamas escorts had some pretty firm opinions on the topic. When asked whether they thought the refractory period was a turn-off or a let-down, they took no time in answering ''absolutely not''.

Crystal, a vivacious 26-year-old, happily shared her opinion on the matter, saying, ''I have never looked at the time a man needs to recharge after sex in a bad way. I think it's a beautiful thing. Anyway, intimacy isn't all about penetration. There are a million other things that my partners and I can do to pass time between round one and two of sex.''

And Crystal wasn't alone in this opinion. All Nassau Bahamas escorts agreed that the refractory period is the perfect time to get busy in other ways.

How to make the most of your time-out?

The girls of the Nassau Bahamas escorts shared some helpful tips for any man that might need help, on how to make the most of their refractory period.

Tip 1: Use your tongue

If you're feeling up for more sensuality but just can't seem to stay hard, there are ways that you can keep the night from ending.

Escort girls suggest pleasing women with your tongue, hands, or a toy while you're waiting for round two. Making your partner orgasm will keep her in the mood and will also boost your confidence in a big way. And You'll be ready to go again in no time.

Tip 2: Choose a partner that will wait as long as you need

While Bahamas escorts are experienced in these matters and will always be understanding, we can't say the same for all women.

If you're wanting sex that lasts all night long, then it's a good idea to choose a partner that has the time, patience and expertise to wait all night long.

Escorts are perfectly legal in the Bahamas and are trained professionals. They know how to show you the time of your life, again and again, and all on your own watch and on your own time.

Tip 3: Remember to keep your cool

A refractory period after cumming is 100% normal and should be expected. But if you find yourself thinking self-degrading thoughts or feeling embarrassed about it, you will actually end up making your time-out much longer.

The key to bouncing back strong and in the shortest amount of time possible, is to stay calm and don't get stressed out. Try to remain confident and cool.

All Men Have a Refractory Period - How to Embrace It?

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