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Britney Spears celebrates freedom by posting nudes on Instagram (2022)

The best way to celebrate your freedom? According to popstar Britney Spears... That would be by stripping topless (and even nude) at the beach.

Pics or it didn't happen? Yeah, we know... and so does Britney and therefore, she decided to take a few bare naked snaps and share them on her Instagram profile (@BritneySpears) for all her fans to enjoy.

Now before you judge or start making jokes about ''oops, she did it again'' and all that, she has a good reason for doing so.

Shortly after Britney Spears' court case which resulted in the judge suspending her father James from the conservatorship that has been controlling the popstar's life, career and money for the past 13 years. Meaning, her father has no longer any control over anything Britney does or wants to do... even if that includes taking off your bikini at the beach.

This right here ladies and gents, is exactly what freedom is all about - the ability and the right to be able to flash your famous tits on social media.

Thanks Britney! Thank you judge and thank the lord for social media platforms like Instagram. Oh, and of course, congrats on winning in court Brit!

Kim Kardashian Britney Spears is breaking the internet

I feel sorry for Kim Kardashian. I mean, she used to be that one hot babe on the internet that was known for... well... also breaking the internet. Don't get me wrong, I sure enjoy staring at Kim's bubbly booty and all, but guess what? There's a new internet-breaking queen in town so;
''Move bitch! Get out the way...''

Britney already had her fun as you can tell by the photos she shared, so I guess now it's our turn to celebrate for a while by having a ''closer'' look at all the spicy, brand new, Britney Spears topless and nude beach candids from her Insta page. Of course, all in the name of ''research'', that is.

Celebrity hooters, coming up!

Today was a good day... I revealed my boobies on the beach.

Britney Spears celebrates freedom by posting nudes on Instagram (2022)

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